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The Maze Of Galious (1987, MSX, Konami) The Maze Of Galious (1987, MSX, Konami)
Original title
Title translations
The Maze Of Galious (English)
Also known as
Knightmare II: Maze of Galious
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    by The Kid | 4 years ago

    The Kid

    The right box with red border on the back has the same size as the european nemesis3.

    by Suzie | 1 decade ago


    I found my brother's old MSX machine still playable and this is the game I was missing! Unfortunately the game belonged to his friend and is thus lost. It would be great to try it again with a joystick and all... for old times sake! If only someone in Finland cared to borrow his/hers MOG for a weekend.. :)

    by Petri Kataja | 1 decade ago

    Petri Kataja

    I have many nice memories about this game,
    going through the endless worlds, defying
    the clock till the early hours of the morning.
    Too bad I don't have a working MSX machine anymore, but I just rigged my X-box with a nice emu, and am planning on playing this classic through once again... for old times sake. :)

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