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The Castle (1986, MSX, ASCII Corporation) The Castle (1986, MSX, ASCII Corporation)
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The Castle (English)
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ASCII Corporation


    by Ahmed | 1 decade ago


    Thank you

    by omar attari | 1 decade ago

    omar attari

    i need solve stage 99

    by Carlos ws | 1 decade ago

    Carlos ws

    the best

    by jltursan | 1 decade ago


    Great game! one of the most clever animation routines I've ever seen on MSX!

    Btw, the Castle map you can found in MSX Solutions is great too!, the updated URL os the site is :

    by bassam | 1 decade ago


    could you please send to me the castle .rom and castle exceleent .rom if you have that cracked as shown above
    by ehv group to the email for me

    by Fabio Dias | 1 decade ago

    Fabio Dias


    by donaladino | 1 decade ago


    i love this games so much i wannna know ow can i installed it step by step plz

    by PepsiMan | 1 decade ago


    How to get the cherry In The Castle Excellent 2 .. Not The Castle !! .. Its Stuck ! Any One Know How ?! I Will Be Thanx :D

    by brimoman | 1 decade ago


    There is a good way to obtain the cherry in the room which is located under the princess room.
    Next to that room, there is a room with 2 fires and one king?, First of all kill all of the monsters with the barrel located at the top of the room, then get out of the room and come back to it.
    There are two holes in the room that leads to a room with many keys and many moving irons. Push the barrel to the right hole and let it fall. Do not follow the barrel. Wait for a while and keep pressing the ctrl and alt keys (or graph key). The barrel will fall from the sky near the red door. Push the barrel to open the red door, and then grab the cherry. All of the doors in this game will now be opened.

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