Cheats: Penguin Adventure

Penguin Adventure (1986, MSX, Konami) Penguin Adventure (1986, MSX, Konami)
Original title
Title translations
Penguin Adventure (English), Yumetairiku Adventure (Japanese Romanji)
Developed by
Locations of the shops, warps and giftshops :

Stage 1

183 On the Right, expensive
237 Warp to stage 6
328 Right, good
483 Left, good

Stage 2

75 Right, expensive
183, Left, good
381, Left, expensive

Stage 3

83, Left expensive
401, Right, good
665, Right, expensive
683, Right, expensive

Stage 4 and 5 are water, watch out for the hearts.

Stage 6

142, Warp to stage 9
298, Left, Santa Claus
335, Left, good

Stage 7

263, Right, expensive
563, Left, expensive

Stage 8 is water, so quick to Stage 9.

181, Left, good
335, Warp to Stage 12
403, 403 Right, good

Stage 10 and 11 are water.

Stage 12, Be sure to get a map!!

185, Left, Santa Claus
435, Right, good
481, Left, expensive
785, Right, expensive

Stage 13

181, Left, expensive
187, Right, good
355, Warp to Stage 15
361, Left, expensive

Stage 14

87, Right, expensive
173, Left, good

Stage 15

77, Warp to Stage 18
431, Left, good
479, Right, good

Stage 16

341, Left, good

Stage 17 water agian.

Stage 18 put again the map with you!

419, Warp to Stage 21
431, Right, good
442, Left, expensive
815, Left, good

Stage 19 and 20 are water, so up to stage 21

184, Right, good
388, Left, expensive
869, Left, expensive
984, Right, Santa Claus

Stage 22

265, Left, good
835, Left, good
867, Right, good
931, Right, expensive

Stage 23 water again, so to the final stage where you need the map again!

587, Right, good
1110, Left, expensive
NORIKO (Continue when dead) - Enter it when choosing a level. Upon a game over, push F5 to continue without fish.
Priest Robe
You have to press the space bar 10 times when you fly to the top of the screen right after you got the wings! After that you can play the special stage as usual. When you land you see a bag floating in the screen with the robe in it.
With one of the Konami Game Master cartridges in slot1 and the game in slot2 you can use the Game Master to start at a higher level and/or with more lives.
Good ending
Divide the pause count by 4 and if the reminder is 1, ie if you have paused 1, 5, 9... times during a game, you get the good ending.
KAZUMI - Enter it when choosing a level. Upon a game over, push F5 to continue without fish and items.