Site updates of the last 5 months

Below you will find a summary of the updates I did for the website in the last 5 months. Most of those features were requested by regular contributors of the site and if you have request just use the contact form :)

- Removed YouTube video's, the feeds of YouTube give too many non MSX video's.
- Software releases are ordered. First the releases that are released by the same company that developed the game, then the rest will follow.
- Release Photo's are now ordered.
- Compilations are more visible now on the software release tab.

- Show software title translations.
- Added support for 16,32,64 MegaROM's.

- Publication Prices are now formatted.
- Prices don't show the .00 anymore.
- Publications can now show what type of software/hardware mention there is (Review, ad, hint, cheat etc).
- Sub companies and Labels added to companies.

- We moved to a new server, which is faster and has more disk space (so keep those covers and screenshots coming!)
- Updated the latest forum posts on the homepage.
- Remake of feature added to software.
- Hardware companies are merged with the Software companies.
- Hardware companies are now clickable.
- The hardware tab is now working correctly (when the company produced hardware).
- Search has been improved, it's now ignoring accented characters (try searching for "marchen").

by Sandy Pleyte | 10-11-2016 | 0 CommentsGeneration MSX

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