Generation MSX v2.1 :)

A week after we went live we already have a new update for you :)

So what's new?

- Improved the search, it should give more results if you only search for parts of words (it's not perfect yet, but a lot better).
- Improved the autocomplete box in the menu bar.
- Fixed the Rss of Generation MSX news (the old url wil also work).
- Removed the scrolling when opening a software page.
- Re-added the Highest Rated list.
- Re-added the Statistics page.
- Added contribute options for Hardware.
- Added contribute options for Publications.
- Added MSX Posse and MSX Files to the MSX News on the homepage (any other active feeds that needs to be added? Just let me know)
- Small bugfixes :)

by Sandy | 01-04-2013 | 0 CommentsGeneration MSX

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