Software Database Updated

Well I found some time again to create new features, I hope you like them:

  • }New search screen (implemented some wishes from the forum, no more reload to get the advanced form, some quick links for games without screenshots or covers and companies without logo's and added new search fields);
  • When hovering the screenshots, the cursor will change and show a title like 'Click here to enlarge' when there is a larger version;
  • Software info page will show multiple genres if available;
  • Company / Software info page will show artists if available;
  • Live search now also searches in release titles;
  • Software ware can have a 2nd developer;
  • Added artist info page with a result list that shows all software (s)he worked on

And the admins also have lots of new features to make their job a lot easier.If you have other feature request or found a bug please let me know.

btw, 200 software titles to go and we will reach the 3500 :)

by Sandy Pleyte | 20-01-2007 | 0 CommentsGeneration MSX

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