Welcome to Generation-MSX v2 :)

This weekend we finally switched to the new site :) So what's new? well actually everything is new, we build the site from scratch again because the old CMS we used didn't provide any updates anymore. So what else is new:

- The media tab of software contain's youtube video's
- When publications (magazines) have a review about software they will appear on the info tab.
- Everybody can contribute images/videos without an account, see the blue bar on the software page. (if we get to many spam we probably require an account)

- Completely new, during my last visit in Tilburg for the MSX fair we made the plans to convert the hardware page from the MSX Faq to a Database so people can search in it. During that time we did build the database but it never came online till now :) It still needs some work and it's not up2date with the latest hardware projects, but it's online :)
- When publications (magazines) have a review about hardware they will appear on the information tab.

- This is the replacement for the library section, all flyers, books etc will be added to this database. Other pages will probably be move to the MSX Wiki.

If you have questions about some features or want to request new features, please let me know :)

PS: For the other site owners, the old links to the software pages are still working :)

by Sandy Pleyte | 24-03-2013 | 0 CommentsGeneration MSX

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