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A Programmer's Guide to the MSX System Sigma Press Book
An Introduction to MSX Basic Babani Books Book
Behind The Screens Of The MSX
Online available
Kuma Computers Book
Computer Programming in MSX BASIC Hodder and Stoughton Book
Easy Add-on Projects for Amstrad CPC 464, 664, 6128 and MSX Computers Babani Books Book
Games for your MSX Computer
Online available
Virgin Books Book
Getting more from MSX - with Spectra Video and all MSX computers Sigma Press Book
Getting started on your MSX Argus Specialist Publications Book
Getting the best from your MSX Toshiba Book
How to program the Z80
Online available
Radio Shack Book
How to program your MSX Computer Hodder and Stoughton Book
How to program your MSX computer like a professional
Online available
Interface Publications Book
Ideas for MSX
Online available
Kuma Computers Book
Introducing MSX assembly language and machine code Collins Book
Introduction to MSX-BASIC
Online available
Sony Book
Konami's MSX Legacy: The unofficial story Book
MSX Adventure Programming Argus Specialist Publications Book
MSX Applications Argus Specialist Publications Book
MSX BASIC Revealed Penguin Book
MSX Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner Melbourne House Book
MSX Made Simple Butterworth-Heinemann Book
MSX Programming
Online available
Financial Times Prentice Hall Book
MSX an Introduction
Online available
Century Communications Book
MSX, Starting BASIC Glentop Publishers Book
MSX-BASIC Programming Reference Manual Sony Book