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Adventure of a small cat - Chibi goes on adventure (1986, MSX, Casio) Adventure of a small cat - Chibi goes on adventure (1986, MSX, Casio)
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Adventure of a small cat - Chibi goes on adventure (English), Koneko no dai bouken - Chibi-chan ga iku (Japanese Romanji)
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    by ray2day | 8 years ago


    superboy cartridges were also sold in korea

    by Honyaku | 9 years ago


    The title can be translated as 'Little Cat's Big Adventure' although you might use 'Kitty' instead of little cat.

    This is a nice platform game that has a lot in common with Super Mario Bros but can stand on its own.

    The music and sound effect in this game are really nicely done and the sound effect when you change to a big cat is magnificent.

    For those of you who like Super Mario Bros or other (scrolling) platform games and for those of you who have always lamented that there were only a few Mario games this is an excellent game to try.

    by masaxi | 1 decade ago


    If Superboy games does not count, this is maybe the closest thing to Super Mario Bros. for MSX. (and Superboy cartridges were sold in asia only, right?)

    Chibi´s graphics are very lovely and cute and very well designed, and it has nice melodies, it´s nice that when you transform to big cat, music changes and also you can hunt white rats ( little cats can´t do that ^..^ )!

    Another nice thing is that there is several weapons to use, like sand/little stones (???) to throw from the sack and you can shoot annoying dogs with slingshot. ;o)

    Every stage has different graphics and enemies, only pity is that there are not many stages until it loops to the first stage again. 2:o< With a bit of practise, I found this game too easy to play it through again and again and again, thought I haven´t yet tried to completely finish it, probably it is not too hard (?).

    Has anyone actually finished this?

    I could say Chibi goes on adventure is very good "mario-clone", but it has so much it´s own things, that it is not fair to call it just mario-clone.

    It´s Chibi, and it´s a very good platform game, even there are not very many stages.

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