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New Devil Golvellius (1988, MSX2, MSX2+, Compile) New Devil Golvellius (1988, MSX2, MSX2+, Compile)
Original title
Title translations
New Devil Golvellius (English)
Also known as
Golvellius 2
Developed by
MSX 2 MSX 2+


    by rderooy | 10 months ago


    Patch to improve graphics quality of the demo on MSX2:

    by Sama | 1 decade ago


    An official English version is (legally) available at

    by Jeroen | 1 decade ago


    that would be the game gallforce. where you fly on the surface and then the next level you fly in space..then back to the surface etc.

    anyway what i wanted to ask is..can you use a blank disk to save golvellius2 because i used to have a special savedisk for my version.
    i lost the savedisk and now i am trying to play it on nlmsx emulator...but how to save.

    by Alex | 1 decade ago


    Oh, my God!! I have just remenbered this game!! That main screen with the two characters and the awesome music!!

    Sometimes y just put this game (in that time) only to hear that amazing music. I also made this with the main screen's music of Zanac-Ex and with the music in the Options Menu in Hinotori (Firebird) from Konami .. there was also another game ... a space shoot game, I don't remember the name, it contained the word "Gals" o "Gal" in the name, maybe Space Gals? It was a MSX2 megarom game from a japanese company, you could choose 1 of 5 charaters (space ship) to play, It had also and amazing main screen's music.

    Cheers from Spain.

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