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The Flintstones (1987, MSX, Grandslam Entertainments) The Flintstones (1987, MSX, Grandslam Entertainments)
Original title
The Flintstones
Title translations
Los Picapiedra (Spanish)
Developed by
Grandslam Entertainments
Ported by
Teque Software Dev

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    by brimoman | 1 decade ago


    Although the ideas of this game are good, the graphics are monochromic, like many other British games, and the player control is slow and annoying.
    You can find another version of this game on the sega master system with colourful graphics, but still an annoying music.
    The game is hard due to the slow motion of Fred Flinstone.
    The game has 4 completely different levels.
    Level 1 Painting your house's walls.
    Level 2 Driving your car and going to the bowling center.
    Level 3 A competition between you and Barney in bowling
    Level 4 Saving Pebbles which is lost in a cave or something.
    The game looks like a story of Fred who wants to play bowling with his friend but Welma tolds him to paint the house before going out and then he goes in his car outside facing troubles in the road like some stones damaging the wheels and then they finally reach the bowling center and play together, and during their game, Pebbles is lost in a cave so Fred goes and rescue her! What a childish story.

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