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Eggerland Mystery (1985, MSX, HAL Laboratory) Eggerland Mystery (1985, MSX, HAL Laboratory)
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Eggerland Mystery (English)
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HAL Laboratory


    by rderooy | 2 years ago


    Info on how to play the game (in Japanese):

    by Honyaku | 5 years ago


    A solid and very good puzzle and maze game. One of the best on the MSX system. This was the game that started the Lolo series, although only one sequel was released for the MSX2.

    by mars2000 | 6 years ago


    Again new stages for Eggerland Mystery !

    After 125 stages based mainly on Eggerland 2 and 160 stages based on the very difficult Eggerland Meikyuu no Fukkatsu on Famicom, I've created 110 stages that are

    inspired by the 4 next games of the great Eggerland serie : 40 stages come from Eggerland Souzouhe no Tabidachi released on Famicom Disk System, 5 stages from

    Adventures of Lolo US/EU released on NES, 10 stages from Adventures of Lolo 2 US/EU released on NES and 55 stages from Adventures of Lolo JP release on NES.

    As for the previous packages, the stages are adapted to the specific limitations of Eggerland Mystery. It was very funny to create them, let's hope that you will

    enjoy them very much while playing them!

    The file with the new stages :

    The corresponding maps :

    by mars2000 | 6 years ago


    Still more stages for Eggerland Mystery !

    After having provided 125 stages based on Eggerland 2 (MSX) and Eggerland (Famicom Disk System), I've continued my exploration of this fantastic world of challenging puzzles with the very difficult Eggerland Meikyuu no Fukkatsu - Revival of the Labyrinth, published in 1988 by HAL on Famicom. It's probably the more ambitious game of the Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo serie.

    With the same adaptations, due to the limitations of Eggerland Mystery, I've created no less than 160 new stages based on this complex game that ends with a fake mini-RPG game, a sort of Dragon Quest's parody! More exactly, there are 159 new stages for MSX, because stage 78 is actually a slightly modified version of stage 100 in Eggerland 2.

    I'm pretty sure that all Eggerland fans will enjoy all these puzzles, some of them are really not evident, especially when there are so many enemies and that a part of the solution is a warp hole, maybe used several times! What also makes the charm of this game is that you have always a mix of easy and difficult stages.

    If you want to know better the original labyrinth and compare the original stages with my adaptations, that's very simple, as I've created also 2 new maps, one with the Famicom game, one with the puzzles on my DSK file.

    All the useful links :
    - the 160 new stages for MSX :
    - the corresponding map for MSX :
    - the map of the Famicom game :

    by mars2000 | 6 years ago


    125 'new' stages for Eggerland Mystery !!!

    Actually, they are based on Eggerland 2 - Meikyū Shinwa (MSX) and Eggerland (Famicom Disk System). I've converted and adapted all the stages, so you can play them in Eggerland Mystery without need to explore a giant labyrinth!

    Of course, some stages are less difficult, as the first game of the Eggerland serie has some limitations : only 10 monsters of the same family in a stage, no advanced monsters (Leaper, Rocky, Don Medusa), no grass, sand or lava zones, slightly different behaviour of skulls and golls, no tricky stages. I let you find out the adaptations!

    The file :
    The map with these 'new' stages :
    The map of the original Eggerland Mystery :


    by MP83 | 1 decade ago


    Got me into the Eggerland series. :-)

    By the way, here's an article about the Eggerland series, if anyone's interested:

    by Karen | 1 decade ago


    i have been trying to find somewhere online to play or download any version of lolo or similar the game played alot as a teenager and would love to introduce my daughter to it....thanks karen

    by NightSprinter | 1 decade ago


    Believe it or not, this was actually THE game that started the entire "Adventures of Lolo" series in the US. In fact, this game series had a much higher following in Japan.

    Other than that, it's still a really entertaining game.

    by john | 1 decade ago


    I'll played it a lot during my childhood. One of the finest games around during the msx period in 80's.

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