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Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (1990, MSX2, Konami) Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (1990, MSX2, Konami)
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メタルギア2 ソリッドスネーク
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Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (English)
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    by MajorTOM | 2 years ago


    There is a former promotional flyer where it is announced as a 3 Mbit ROM game. ( it seems HIdeo Kojima finally needed 1 extra Mbit ! :-)

    by rderooy | 5 years ago


    Turbo fix patch can be found here:

    JoySNES patch can be found here:

    by The Dutch Ghost | 1 decade ago

    The Dutch Ghost

    Hello all,

    Marten van Wier here again after all these years.
    I finished Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake again yesterday, this remains one of the best games on the MSX and games in general.
    I also think its the best game in the Metal Gear saga now that we can reflect on the series.

    For all of you who don't have Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence, you can find the game on this link

    In case it doesn't work, go to Home of the Underdogs.

    by ApocSymph | 1 decade ago


    "ok, earlier someone said that snake was a foxhound n00b. thats not true, before he joined foxhound, he was in the marines, and special forces,"

    Wouldn't that still make him a Foxhound newbie? Heh.

    by I live MGS | 1 decade ago

    I live MGS

    ok, earlier someone said that snake was a foxhound n00b. thats not true, before he joined foxhound, he was in the marines, and special forces, when big boss made him and liquid, solid got all of the good traits from big boss, and liquid got all the bad, this made solid the best soldier of the 21st century, NOT big boss. someone also said that big boss was trying to fulfill the bosses mission, but her mission was finished when she died. if anyone has a different veiw of this, plz tell me at

    p.s. raiden is a n00b!

    by gray fox | 1 decade ago

    gray fox

    this link isn't working..could someone send me a good emulator with a mg solid snake rom?? PLEASE!!

    send it to

    by need help | 1 decade ago

    need help

    hi i realy need help when i had install the mgs2 sub and when i startit it was just a black screnn but i can hear the sount but not play please help me whrite to

    by Solid Snake | 1 decade ago

    Solid Snake

    Like wot 'xXFOXDIEXx' sed, but BIG BOSS turned 'bad' so that he could make a world that revolved around war. so that all soldiers could live and die on the battlefield and could be appreciated as heroes! he didnt want other soldiers to be betrayed by their superiors...

    by xXFOXDIEXx | 1 decade ago


    If you played MSG 3, you would know that you play as NAKED SNAKE, or later to be known as BIG BOSS. Snake believes The Boss has betrayed her country by joining the soviets in the contruction of a nuclear weapon machine. Yet, if you finished the game, you would know that The Boss was under United States orders. She was not to let Snake know that her plan all the time was to protect the Patriots, and the billions of dollars that was established by the republic of china, USSR, and US. Snake realizes this too late. He had killed The Boss and had earned the tittle of BIG BOSS. Snake is upset with the fact that the boss was a hero, and a true soldier who was faithful to her country. Yet in U.S she was seen as a traitor who deserved her fait. Snake retaliates by contructing Metal Gear, a machine designed by a soviet given to Mr. Emmerich. Snake's plan is to liberate all soldiers, and give them a new begining.

    HARD TO UNDERSTAND, but it goes something like that.

    by Eric (Master_Liquid) | 1 decade ago

    Eric (Master_Liquid)

    He rules and achieve to become the great successor and suddenlly want to gain more power in order to rule and get every thing that Big Boss's Dream Wanted.(Young age is called Naked Snake)

    by CZECHU | 1 decade ago


    Fanta kurwa styczne

    by Navi | 1 decade ago


    Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (RC767), contrarily to the first Metal Gear game for MSX (RC750), was never sold outside Japan. Back in the early nineties only a few copies of MG2 dropped in The Netherlands and Spain (countries in Europe where the MSX system was most popular) thanks to small importers.

    When it was released, in 1990, I remember that the first part (Metal Gear - RC750) was considered a very good game (of course not the myth that it is today). Metal Gear 2 surpassed the first game of the saga in all aspects: graphics, sound, playability and technical details. The graphics are better. The use of the MSX2 colour palette is superb. The SCC tunes are fantastic. The playability is far superior than the one of its precessor. The box of the game is very nice and comes with a complete and detailed users manual. The only noticable con is that the game is not fast, but this can be avoided playing the game on a MSXturboR computer (or MSX emulator with MSXturboR support) holding the SHIFT key while booting (the game will start in R800 mode).

    I recommend to you all to play the excellent English version of this game made by Takamichi Suzukawa and Maarten ten Huurne with the collaboration of other people.

    by Elrich2k3 | 1 decade ago


    This game will be included as a bonus on the US Re-release of Metal Gear Solid 3, "Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence"

    by blnd | 1 decade ago


    i reach the room were metal gear been held in 1987 version but the problem is i don't know what to do next..!?the second problem is in metal gear 1990 i reach the doctor i supose to save in the wood puzzel but the problem is the colonel teles me look to the manual and lurn to use the "TAB CODE"to open the secret door in the cell..!????but you know us every body i play the emulator i don't have any thing to leurn the tab cods with so please if any bidy knows how to pass these area please send an e-mail on""and thank you very much

    by patrick | 1 decade ago


    he had a dream of a world ran by solders and he was massd up from bosses defection and that hot chick screwed him for info

    by dylan | 1 decade ago


    Marten van Wier - One last thing (21-03-2005 12:39)
    While not strictly legal, there is an English conversion complete with an emulator for the PC for those who wish to play MG: Solid Snake but who not have a MSX.

    Here is the link

    yah this doens't work for me

    by Ollie | 1 decade ago


    Quite a few forums i've been on have mentioned remakes of the first two metal gears (metal gear & metal gear 2 snakes revenge) but the two are almost the same plus it's the same sorta story line in metal gear solid 2. I quote ocelot "Solidus, you and the boy (raiden) were chosen because your relationship represents that of Big Boss and solid snake"

    by Ollie | 1 decade ago


    The whole complexity of the story is about the relationship between the Boss and Big Boss (when Naked snake kills the boss) the Boss' quote "one must live, one must die" the same as when Solid Snake kills Big Boss. This carries on onto MGS1 sort of when Solid kills Liquid but then the one which was a bit off-plot is Raiden's relationship with Solidus. (It's just might be coinsedenced but Big Boss and Raiden have the same name Jack.)

    by thomas | 1 decade ago


    (continued)he was just trying to forfill the boss's mission and die for his country
    it is a bit like what the boss acually did die for her country and go down in the history books as a war criminal... so theres ur answer :)
    oh but the boss's mission works when she dies but the big boss's mission doesnt (because of snake) that the only difference between the boss's mission ans the big bosses
    oh and the big boss gave himself that mission

    by thomas | 1 decade ago


    big boss doesnt turn evil exactly he creates fox hound for a reason... to protect the earth from terorists but when everybody heres about the destruction of what metal gear can do they have doubts so they send solid snake in to stop it.
    but nobody understands big boss and he doesnt wanna die when snake attacks him so he defends him self and in the nxt game snake kills him and when hes dieing in his hands he tells him what he was trying to do... big boss isnt a bad guy

    by thomas | 1 decade ago


    what eactly is campell any way

    by thomas | 1 decade ago


    u know the part in mgs2 where campell and rose go crazy... well how comes rose goes crazy, shes jack's (RAIDEN) girlfriend and she pregnant to his baby that weird

    answer that 1

    by Thomas | 1 decade ago


    who exactly are the patriots any way i know the philosifers change there names to the patriots but who are they wot do they do?

    by Dereck | 1 decade ago


    Do you have to have an MSX to play the game? I have it downloaded but the ROM file won't open can anyone e-mail me at and gimme a hand here? Also looking for alternative downloads for Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake, and Metal Gear:Snake's Revenge!

    by Grant Manning- James | 1 decade ago

    Grant Manning- James

    (Contined) I have only ever heard the stories. I don`t those games ever made into europe so I will ever play them. But worry,everyone I have a great plan. It would not surpise me if konmai were to remake those two games for the playstation 3 in the near future. That`s right remake both those two titles, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for Playstation 3. That would a great idea. They did with MGS1 on the gamecube with twin snakes so they could easliy do it with these two titles. Not only will it have better graphics but also voice acting as well and finally hear what Big Boss voice would sound like then. I would not be surpiesd if konmai are already planning this as they have comfined Metal Gear Solid 4 will be released in the future. After that`s compled they remake those two prepuels for PS3. Sounds like a great idea does`nt it. Cos komani have already thougt of ideas for future MGS games but they ain`t thougt of this yet i am suggesting it to them now. Cos lots of fans would love this to happen contine the story of Big Boss and find out how he turned evil and also Solid Snake`s past and thier battles as father and son.

    by Grant Manning-James | 1 decade ago

    Grant Manning-James

    Hi everyone. I am grant from the UK, I live in wales in a small town. Our country is on a high at the moment after winning the six nations championship in rugby for the first time in 27 years by beating all of the best teams in europe for the first time in 27 years to do a Glam Slam! Any way I will now get to the point. I am a huge fan of Metal Gear. I `ve just finished Metal Gear Solid 3 and I have to say it`s the best Mgs yet and is the best Sleath game ever! And I think it is the best game of 2005! Okay about Big Boss I think he is briallant characher and his performance in the game was spot on. I really him intesting and by playing this you find out how he became Big Boss though the shape and guidence of his Mentor the boss as it shows how he became the greatest living soldier of the 21st Cenuty. Like lot of you guys I have never played the very first metal gears on the msx (Metal Gear in 1987,and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990)I

    by Marten van Wier | 1 decade ago

    Marten van Wier

    While not strictly legal, there is an English conversion complete with an emulator for the PC for those who wish to play MG: Solid Snake but who not have a MSX.

    Here is the link

    by Marten | 1 decade ago


    Hi everybody,

    Possible explanation for Big Boss's change of hard. During operation Snake Eater, Snake / Big Boss is confronted with the fact that people like him and his mentor; the Boss (not to confuse with Big Boss himself) have always and will always be used by politicians and leaders for their skills as a soldier; they are considered 'weapons'

    Once they have served their purpose the people in power have not a problem with discarding them.

    People such as Big Boss and later Grey Fox could never truly fit into normal society as they have been changed by War, that is when they feel at their best as their skills are important there.

    In a way Big Boss's story is a tragic one, his fall from grace due to the manipulation of others

    by sean | 1 decade ago


    yea thats a real good question, why does big boss turn evil after snake eater??

    by SeanO | 1 decade ago


    Hey everyone...does anybody know to run the MSX and Metal Gear 2 : Solid Snake? i really want to play that game reallllllly bad being a huge fan of metal gear yourself's you should know how i me telling me how to run them both or a site that can help me out. Or if you have the msx yourselfs and the game can you please send them to me and tell me how they work lol thanks again. later people

    by aqib tabassum | 1 decade ago

    aqib tabassum

    big boss is good in metal gear solid 3
    why does he turn bad?

    by A.G | 1 decade ago


    Metal Gear(1995)-You play as Solid Snake,a rookie foxhound member hired by the commander-in-chief of FOXHOUND,Big Boss.Big Boss asks Snake to infiltrate Outer Heaven,an armed fortress in Africa,to rescue Gray Fox,the best soldier in Foxhound,Gray Fox's last words were "Metal Gear...".Snake infiltrates Outer heaven,and fins weapons and equipment to solve puzzles and to sneak past unnoticed.He rescues Gray Fox,and Gray fox tells snake that he has to rescue a scientist called Pettrovich,because they are forcing him to create a Metal Gear.So Snake rescues him.Later on,Snake defeats the Metal Gear(a walking battle tank),then he sees Big Boss.Big Boss screams "you have gone too far,too far!",Snake finds out that big boss was the leader in Outer Heaven,and he was just using Snake to confuse the "west".Then Big Boss tells Snake that he is his son,after that,snake succesfully kills Big Boss,and escapes Outer Heaven.

    Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake(1999)-A scientist (forgot his name)invented a microorganism called "oilix" because there was a lot of energy loss in the world,and oilix was supposed to preserve energy(something like that),when everyone was hoping for Oilix,the scientist dessapears,the name "Zanzibar land" appeared.The commander of FOXHOUND,Roy Campbell, tells Solid Snake(foxhound member)to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and rescue the scientist that created oilix.Snake succesfully infiltrates zanzibar land.Later,He finds the body of the scientist ,with Dr. Petrovich besides him.Petrovich tells snake that they were being forced to create a new Metal Gear,and that the leader of Zanzibar land is Big Boss,the man that was suposedley killed by snake in outer heaven.Then snake gets a call,and he is told that Petrovich is working on the new metal gear on his own will.Then snake is attacked by Petrovich,but snake easily kills him.later,snake encounters the metal gear,wich was being controlled by his best friend,Gray Fox.After that,snake takes on Zanzibar's best mercenaries.Later,he encounters the metal gear,Snake succesfully destroys it,then he fights Gray Fox,hand-to-hand only,in the middle of a mine field,Snake wins.After that,Snake encounters Big Boss (i think this is when he tells him that he is his son,im not sure)Snake kills him,and escaepes Zanzibar land.

    Ill write the rest later.

    by steve | 1 decade ago


    are there any cheats to MGS

    by MGSfan | 1 decade ago


    better yet type "metal gear edge" in your search engine,it might be more accurate.

    by MGSfan | 1 decade ago


    i found this site that has a good background of what actuaaly happened during metal gear and metal gear solid snake so check this site out and look at the mgs section:

    by Mellofoneblasta | 1 decade ago


    alright, my problem is, i want to play and beat mg2:ss but american kids never got the msx. they never made it for nes or snes and snake's revenge is nothing like it. i just want to know the WHOLE story line, timeline, EVERYTHING, from mgs3:se to mgs2:sol. PLEASE, someone who knows the whole story feed it to me. i am so interested in it but i am missing a peice of the puzzle. help me out.

    by P-Man HIZZY | 1 decade ago

    P-Man HIZZY

    I have the patch I have the patch!

    by David | 1 decade ago


    I live in America. While we got this game on our NES (the MSX was never released in America, nor were its later versions), this game was never released here. Instead we were given an American created sequel entitled "Snake's Revenge", which a lot of Metal Gear devotees didn't like. It's unfortunate that America never got to play the true sequel to the original Metal Gear.

    by Brandon | 1 decade ago


    This is one of the greatest games of all time, play it!!!

    by Marcelo | 1 decade ago


    This game is fantastic!!
    I am a brasilian boy and learn english to play this game!!

    by Kara | 1 decade ago


    Why won't this game won't run on my MSX?!

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