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Metal Gear (1987, MSX2, Konami) Metal Gear (1987, MSX2, Konami)
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Metal Gear (English)
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    by rderooy | 3 years ago


    DynamicVsync patch can be found here:

    JoySNES patch can be found here:

    by rderooy | 5 years ago


    Note: If you try to start the Japanese version of this game on a non-Japanese MSX machine (or emulator) it will get stuck in a continuous reboot loop. This is due to to the fact that it needs the KANJI ROM. Solution: Get the UK (English) release version, or use a MSX with KANJI ROM.

    by kevenburne | 1 decade ago


    lol check this out i felt like playing and old school game so why not metal gear. so i played and i stop and got my password (5yzzj-1zzjf-xjejs-uyrdb-npfv7)
    and the funny thing is i was going to check to see if it worked and guess what there is no 7 in the input password! yea i was pissed and no i did not mess up when writing down it on paper because i always double check lol. Anyways its still a great game and ill go through it tommorow without stoping lol

    by lasthome | 1 decade ago


    great... very nice game not like actual 3d games

    by Jorge montfort | 1 decade ago

    Jorge montfort

    how and where can i get the metal gear 1987 e.mail me thxs.

    by Jorge Montfort | 1 decade ago

    Jorge Montfort

    I am a metal gear solid fan, and I am really amazed with the story, but I would really like to play the first to main games metal gear and metal gear. is there a way to buy it in an english version. if you do konw how and where please e-mail me. i would really appreciate it.

    by Chris | 1 decade ago


    Is there any cd for Metal Gear MSX? Thanks

    by Elrich2k3 | 1 decade ago


    Solid Snake --- A re-translation of the original Japanese version of this game was completed recently. Find it on

    blnf --- has your answers

    Mick jagger --- Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, which will be released in I believe November, has among other things, the Mobile Phone versions of the first two Metal Gear games --- the mobile phone versions are almost the same as the MSX games, but with character art by Yoji Shinkawa [who did all of the Metal Gear Solid games], and changed boss names.

    by Mick jagger | 1 decade ago

    Mick jagger

    please tell me about that PS2 game that has the first two japanese metal gear games among other stuff in MGS3.

    by Samor | 1 decade ago


    Odd bit: if you use the keycard password (HIRAKE GOMA) you can play the game in a very strange way, as you can go to places early in the game where you shouldn't be able to normally. This also quite messes up the story.
    An example: You can go to Grey Fox' cell through the door, rescue him, then enter the secret passage through the weak wall; after you enter the next room, you'll receive a message that the wall can be broken. This doesn't make sense anymore (normally you'll have to let yourself capture by the enemy, then break through the wall and rescue Grey Fox).

    by blnf | 1 decade ago


    i have two problems first is mg 1987 i can not distroy metal gear i reach the room but i don't know what to do next..second in mg 1990 i rech the doctor i supose to save but the problem is colonel camble tels me to use the tab cods that on the manul and you know i play with the emulator i have no tab cods please...please please if any body knows what to do or play the game please send me an e-mail"" and thank you very very much

    by Solid Snake | 1 decade ago

    Solid Snake

    The game is translated badly when it got released in europe and that´s the version you can download here but otherwise it´s a good game

    by Redhill | 1 decade ago


    -> Anthony
    I have it. What do you mean by "a lot"?

    by Lucas | 1 decade ago


    Great Game!!!!!

    by Alexit0! | 1 decade ago


    Hola tios, no se pork me molesto en escrivir aki pok veo k no enra nadie, jajajajaja bueno aver si algun tio llega asta aki perdido y me agrega al messenger, pero agregame solo si te mola el metal gear ;) jeje enga tio, y digo tio pok no creo k vengan muxos por aki enga adios!!

    El gran Alexit0! a hablado

    by Kara Sexy | 1 decade ago

    Kara Sexy

    About this game, i love this game even though its
    outdated and uses the continue from the last checkpoint save type. The main character here, solid snake has a different look compare to the 1997-2001 versions.

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