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SD Snatcher (1990, MSX2, MSX2+, Konami) SD Snatcher (1990, MSX2, MSX2+, Konami)
Original title
Title translations
SD Snatcher (English)
Also known as
Super Deform Snatcher
Developed by
MSX 2 MSX 2+


    by Sama | 6 years ago


    We're currently working on a new translation of SD Snatcher. We just launched the website about our project this week. About 70% is finished already. We expect to release the new translation early 2012.

    Check it out at

    by TheSupahBeast | 9 years ago


    i had opposite problem and could not get it to work on nlmsx but i think it was because of bad file on this page.
    just downloaded blue and installed it..sdsnatch works just fine.. do a google search to find good .dsk then open first disk in disk drive a. saves even work.
    by the way i'm running xp on a old compaq laptop i bought in 2003 and the program works fine and i could even speed up the emulation to make the game run faster.

    by AWieser | 1 decade ago


    SD Snatcher is very heavy for emulators, most forget to hand you the experience and/or money when you defeat a monster, when they work at all. The only emulator I found that handles every aspect of SD Snatcher flawless is NLMSX v0.48, it only requires quite a fast computer. PII will be (to) slow, PIII is good, PIV is great.

    I could renew al my almost 20 year old memories of the game, including the defeat of the headmonster himself, and this time not in Japanese but in plain English. (I'm still waiting for the Dutch version :)

    You can get NLMSX v0.48 for free from NLMSX on

    by Nicolaj | 1 decade ago


    I can´t get it to work with Bluemsx what do i do?

    by m,ika | 1 decade ago


    where i can get a snathcer.dsk game ?
    funet is rubbish .

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