Cheats: Pleasure Hearts

Pleasure Hearts (1999, MSX2, Turbo-R, M-Kai, Frontline) Pleasure Hearts (1999, MSX2, Turbo-R, M-Kai, Frontline)
Original title
Pleasure Hearts
Developed by
MSX 2 MSX Turbo-R
No Wait
Hold RETURN to accelerate the gameplay. Its effect is drastic in R800 mode.
Unavoidable death
If you survive too long during Prologue, the dragon unleashes an unavoidable attack. You are rewarded with the Prologue Master item.
Quick boss fight
Stage 4's tiny boss can be captured as an item without defeating it.
Avenging boss
If you kill the Stage 5's tiny white boss without much damaging the drifting gray one, the latter attacks the player while reversing the player's controls like up arrow key for down.
Easy kill
The small enemy of Stage 6 tosses a 1up each time you die unless you dodge it or she retreats due to damage. Therefore you can safely complete the stage by shooting only the big enemy and picking 1up.
Multiple ending
At the end of Stage 7, pick an item on the ground for the bad ending or ignore it and wait approx 30 secs for an extra boss fight and the good ending.