Cheats: Illusion City

Illusion City (1991, Turbo-R, Micro Cabin) Illusion City (1991, Turbo-R, Micro Cabin)
Original title
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Illusion City (English)
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Micro Cabin
MSX Turbo-R
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Puzzle with the statues ? Turn the statues so that they point at eachother, clockwise.
Debug menu (by Takamichi Suzukawa and Adriano C. R. da Cunha)

When Tien Ren is walking in the map (can be anywhere), push and hold the B button or SHIFT. Then type the following direction key sequence very fast, fast enough so that movement pointers do not flash in the cursor display in the bottom right of the screen:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left
Then as soon as the final left key is pressed, push the A button or SPACE or RETURN key while still holding down B button/SHIFT key.
The timing is VERY severe (it's something between 2 and 3 seconds). It's important to avoid concurrently pushing two directional keys any time.
The debug menu is quite huge, as big as entire MSX screen.
Most of the debug menu options bring adverse effect, often crashing the game. The available options are:

* Level: Push right/left key to change Tien Ren's level and A button/SPACE to commit the change. There seems to be a bug in the code, so this option doesn't work properly: Tien Ren's level is not changed. After pressing A button/SPACE you'll get a pitch black screen or the normal game map, but without the characters. You can use the return-to-Tien-Ren's-home spell to fix this.

* Money: Push right/left key to change the money Tien Ren has.

* Map ID: Uncertain. Doesn't seem to be relevant.

* Sound test: Push right/left key to change the number. Push A button/SPACE to play. Some numbers do not issue sound at all.

* Change disk: Push right/left key to change the disk figure, then push A button/SPACE. If you choose a nonexisting disk, like 0 or 9, the game does not accept any real disk, which means you have to shutdown MSX. If you choose an existing disk and insert the disk appropriately, sometimes you are teleported to certain place in the disk, sometimes the game hangs up.

* Save anywhere: Save by normal save procedure at the point Tien Ren is standing. In the original game, causes glitchy display error due to a bug on the code (hitting the ESC key will fix this).

* Recover anywhere: Pushing A button/SPACE here causes everyone's HP and MP to recover fully. In the original game, this causes a black screen due to a bug in the code (hitting the ESC key will fix this).

* XXXXX: Does nothing. This option is not implemented in the debug menu code. It's probably a legacy option used in other versions of Illusion City.

* No battle: When "No battle" is ON, enemies block Tien Ren's path instead of initiating a fight. Tien Ren cannot simply walk through the enemies. And when a boss battle like a battle with one of the Octets happens, the next moment, a sequence that occurs after beating the boss starts playing. Yes, Tien Ren is automatically regardedas the battle's "winner".

* Go anywhere: When ON, Tien Ren can walk through walls. Beware of not crossing map borders, or you may not be able to walk back to the valid area of the map.

* Invincible mode: When "Invincible mode" is ON, nothing visibly changes. Tien Ren and friends receive damage, get paralyzed, poisoned, etc. But when one of the team takes a final blow, say when Ho Mei receives 11 damage when her HP is 10, her HP becomes 1 instead of 0. From there, her HP does not decrease regardless of how much damage she suffers.
Disk 1 includes the RCP format MIDI player "Ami". See "armi.doc" for how to use it.