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Match day II (1987, MSX, Ocean) Match day II (1987, MSX, Ocean)
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Match day II
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    by anonymous | 1 decade ago


    If you think good soccer game needs very colourful graphics, then you are missing the point.

    This is certainly one of the best soccer games EVER released!!!! I played this a LOT in the 80s (I own original cassette!;) even I DON´T LIKE watching football, but this game is so good!!!

    It has "diamond reflection system" which bounces ball realistically always right direction, just like in real life!!! You can also bounce ball with your head!

    You may think it is one more spectrum conversion, but no!! Screen scrolls smoothly and players and ball are SPRITES!!!

    There are plenty of good sound effects which all sound like you are watching match from the tellyvision!

    Playability is unmatched!!! And there is plenty of options too!!!

    Forget today´s crap soccer games, play Match Day II on your lovely MSX instead!!!!!!!!!!

    Recommended game for every one!!!!!!!!

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