Cheats: Manic Miner

Manic Miner (1984, MSX, Software Projects) Manic Miner (1984, MSX, Software Projects)
Original title
Manic Miner
Developed by
Software Projects
During gameplay, press W to pause the game, then input the code XRAYTUBEI for infinite lives and/or XRAYTUBEC for choosing levels. If done correctly, an INFINITE LIVES and/or CHOOSE CAVERNS text will appear on the bottom-left and/or bottom-right corner of the screen. Once done, you unpause the game by pressing a motion key. The levels can then be accessed by pressing down a combination of specific number keys, and finally pressing 0 key also. The complete list of numbers keys combinations is as follows:

none Central Cavern
1 The Cold Room
2 The Menagerie
2+1 Abandoned Uranium Workings
3 Eugene's Lair
3+1 Processing Plant
3+2 The Vat
3+2+1 Miner Willy meets the Kong Beast
4 Wacky Amoebatrons
4+1 The Endorian Forest
4+2 Attack of the Mutant Telephones
4+2+1 Return of Alien Kong Beast
4+3 Ore Refinery
4+3+1 Skylab Landing Bay
4+3+2 The Bank
4+3+2+1 The Sixteenth Cavern
5 The Warehouse
5+1 Amoebatrons Revenge
5+2 Solar Power Generator
5+2+1 The Final Barrier