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Ace of Aces (1986, MSX, US Gold) Ace of Aces (1986, MSX, US Gold)
Original title
Ace of Aces
Developed by
US Gold

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    by masaxi | 1 decade ago


    This game sucks a big time!!! First time I saw this game on commodore 64 and later bought it for my MSX.

    Clouds and train are only nice looking things in MSX conversion. It misses A LOT from commodore 64 version. All enemies are made of single 8x8 sprite (!!!!) except train, so imagine a dogfight with messerschmith which materializes from nowhere and then hovers at exactly same distance from you, even if you keep flying towards it!!! (and it is 8x8 sprite all the time... "nice graphics" indeed!!!!) On Commodore 64 everything got closer and closer when you chased them.

    Good game is badly spoiled with lazy programmers/software house!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!

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