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International Karate (1986, MSX, Endurance Games) International Karate (1986, MSX, Endurance Games)
Original title
International Karate
Developed by
Endurance Games


    by MajorTOM | 2 months ago


    There are different variations of the TAPE color (Yellow , Red..) also an alternative release by Paxman Promotions

    by Honyaku | 1 decade ago


    Data East sued Epyx and 3 System for copyright infringement since they felt that International Karate looked a lot like their Karate Champ.

    They lost the lawsuit.

    For more information about this see this Wikipedia page:

    by anonymous | 1 decade ago


    otherwise good karate game is spoiled by opponent who doesn´t know he can turn around (!!!!!!!).

    .....Very interesting playtesting at endurance, me thinks. Because of that, it was very easy to jump behind your opponent to knock him out, and thus it was very easy to get very long in the game.

    Graphics are good and judge who talked such things as "BEGIN", "FULL POINT!", "HALF POINT!" and "STOP!" (even he sounded very metallic;) was wonderful thing in the past!

    Music in title screen was really COOL!!! It is great shame as it last just about 20-30 seconds..... it is same great track as in spectrum/commodore 64 game "Glider Rider"!

    Is there any MSX other game where same (hopefully longer version) track is used?

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