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E.I. (1983, MSX, Programmers-3) E.I. (1983, MSX, Programmers-3)
Original title
Title translations
イー アイ (Japanese)
Also known as
Exa Innova
Developed by


    by MajorTOM | 1 year ago


    Code by: Lunarian Shintani
    Pixel Art by: Pac Fujishima

    by anonymous | 1 decade ago


    What kind of re-release your screenshot is, Wataru???! My original E.I.´s title screen do NOT have such Compile copyright notice, bottom line text says just

    (C) PROGRAMMERS-3 (maybe it has year 1984 too)

    also when looking backside of the box, you can see different in-game screenshot there. As below "SCENE" there reads:

    (c) P3

    Does anyone know, if japanese version has such ingame text, or is it just "fake" screenshot for back cover or maybe screenshot of prototype version of game.

    Anyway, this is great space shoot-em-up! Surely people don´t appreciate it, as it doesn´t have varied multicolour backgrounds, etc. of games of the later years.

    But every stage has many different looking enemies, and every enemy moves in their own special way, and their movements and acting depends what you may do.

    by Wataru | 1 decade ago


    This is an important game, and highly underestimated, for the shooters-genre on the MSX-system, because this is the first game in which the enemy forces react to your actions, although not on the same level as in Zanac, instead of just following a simple procedure.

    This "intelligence" system would be worked out far better in the Zanac and Aleste games.

    Some Zanac and Aleste enemies can already be seen here.

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