Cheats: King's Valley II - The Seal of El Giza

King's Valley II - The Seal of El Giza (1988, MSX, Konami) King's Valley II - The Seal of El Giza (1988, MSX, Konami)
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King's Valley II - The Seal of El Giza (English)
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Special Passwords
stage 47 = HELPMODE
stage 49 = GAMEMODE
stage 51 = DEMOMODE
stage 53 = KINGMODE
invulnerable = FESTIVAL
F5 continue after game over = TRYAGAIN

Level Passwords
In addition there are convenient level passwords which also give you 47 lives. The first two characters increment for each level, followed by the word KONAMI. e.g:

stage 01 = ABKONAMI
stage 02 = ACKONAMI
stage 03 = ADKONAMI
stage 04 = AEKONAMI
stage 05 = AFKONAMI
stage 06 = AGKONAMI
stage 07 = AHKONAMI
stage 08 = AIKONAMI
stage 09 = AJKONAMI
stage 10 = AKKONAMI
stage 11 = ALKONAMI
stage 12 = AMKONAMI
stage 13 = ANKONAMI
stage 14 = AOKONAMI
stage 15 = APKONAMI
stage 16 = 1AKONAMI
stage 17 = 1BKONAMI
stage 18 = 1CKONAMI
stage 19 = 1DKONAMI
stage 20 = 1EKONAMI
stage 21 = 1FKONAMI
stage 22 = 1GKONAMI
stage 23 = 1HKONAMI
stage 24 = 1IKONAMI
stage 25 = 1JKONAMI
stage 26 = 1KKONAMI
stage 27 = 1LKONAMI
stage 28 = 1MKONAMI
stage 29 = 1NKONAMI
stage 30 = 1OKONAMI
stage 31 = 1PKONAMI
stage 31 = 2AKONAMI
stage 60 = 3MKONAMI

Sound stage
On stage 7 (use password AHKONAMI to go there directly), there is a hidden entrance to a sound stage where you can play the music and sound effects of the game. The hidden door to the sound stage is in a "pit" on the top left side of the screen. You need to jump once on the bottom of the pit to make a small pyramid appear. Jump again and the pyramid will turn into a door.

Puzzle stage
On stage 20 (use password BEKONAMI to go there directly), there is a hidden entrance to a slide puzzle game.

It is located on the lower room of this stage. On the second level of this stage, you will see two red vertical columns in the background. Go and stand just left of the left column and jump. A pyramid will show. Jump again to open it so you can enter the hidden puzzle stage.

Hidden message
There's also a hidden message that reveals a "SECRET COMMAND", which is a hint to two of the special passwords. To get it to show:

1) Insert the Game Master 2 cartridge into another slot
2) Locate the 5th key of the 1st line of the keyboard matrix (its "@" on a Japanese layout, and "[" on an international layout)
3) Chose "GAME" on the intro screen menu while holding that key

The game will then show the "SECRET COMMAND" screen.

Note: when using openMSX, ignore the key numbering and just keep the "[" or "@" key pressed depending on the emulated MSX type.
With one of the Konami Game Master cartridges in slot1 and the game in slot2 you can use the Game Master to start at a higher level and/or with more lives.
On a MSX Turbo R, the game can be started in R800 (turbo) mode by starting the computer while keeping SHIFT pressed. The diskdrive will however get disabled by doing this.