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Who Dares Wins II (1986, MSX, Alligata) Who Dares Wins II (1986, MSX, Alligata)
Original title
Who Dares Wins II
Also known as
Who Dares Wins 2
Developed by


    by vg8020 | 1 decade ago


    MäSäXi, do you think you could convert your tape to .cas? That'd be of much interest since its a different publisher not listed in the game profile.

    Who Dares Wins II was released in Spain by Discovery Informatic. I'll post about it sometime soon in my blog, MSX Cassettes!

    by anonymous | 1 decade ago


    Me neither didn´t have such soldier picture on my original tape here in Finland. I have re-issue tape too. I think re-issue was from Alternative Software.

    Anyway, game was very good, even thought I remember I hoped there should have been little more colours (thought lack of colours was partly because MSX cannot hide sprites behind characters) and tune was shorter than commodore original, but despite those, game is good wargame!

    by Biggs | 1 decade ago


    Long hours in front of the computer with my older brother in the late 80s due to this game. A very entertaining little piece of software that keeps its appeal even today. Lovely tune from "The great escape" in the main menu screen, even though I can't remember that screen showing a soldier in my version (I had a spanish re-issue of the game). One of the best childhood memories I have.

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