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Zanac A.I. (1986, MSX, Compile, AI Inc.) Zanac A.I. (1986, MSX, Compile, AI Inc.)
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Zanac A.I. (English)
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    by rolins | 1 decade ago


    Absolutely my favorite game of all time. No other game has this much replay value. The gameplay is simply addictive.

    by Younis Said | 1 decade ago

    Younis Said

    I first played Zanac in 1987 when I was 7. Now I am still playing it from time to time using an MSX emulator. I do this just to remember my childhood days, nothing like Zanac works as a good reminder!
    I remember my craze of it in school days, a sketch of "ZANAC" could be found wherever I go.
    Now, I am using Zanac's music as a ringtone.

    by Django | 1 decade ago


    Zanac is still played several hours per week. I still have my MSX up and running. A few of my friends have had an MSX too, and were very fond of Zanac. Once per week we're having a game-night and Zanac is still played then, for hours we're trying to beat each other's scores.

    After 20 years, Zanac is still a Fantastic and Addictive game to play.

    by Wataru | 1 decade ago


    I agree with Sadek. This was one of the best fighting games around. The ability to choose weapon systems, the intelligence of the enemy, the Boss-fortresses and let us not forgett the music, all added to an exciting gaming experience.

    by Ahmed Sadek | 1 decade ago

    Ahmed Sadek

    I was playing this game every time in my child hood nothing was arouse me like it
    I really want to thank developrs and compsers of this game

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