Comments: Jack the Nipper In Coconut Capers

Jack the Nipper In Coconut Capers (1987, MSX, Gremlin Graphics) Jack the Nipper In Coconut Capers (1987, MSX, Gremlin Graphics)
Original title
Jack the Nipper In Coconut Capers
Also known as
Jack the Nipper II
Developed by
Gremlin Graphics


    by Honyaku | 9 years ago


    This was a great adventure game and a worthy sequel of the first game. Walk in your nappies through the jungle and old Inca ruins to wreak havoc on any creature that you encounter, including Tarzan!

    by anonymous | 1 decade ago


    I really wanted this game in the eighties... 5:o) playing nasty little boy was amazing!!! Game´s advertising page in some eighties magazine (C+VG I think) really forced to buy the game!!! I still remember my excited feelings when I was looking Jack The Nipper II in coconut capers ad... 5:o)

    And game was good too!!! Thought I bit felt, that something was missing from the first game, that it was harder to be bad in this sequel. But anyway I liked this game a lot!!!! There´s LOTS of rooms to wander around and it was really fun to climb on the trees, as you can climb VERY HIGH!!! and jump from tree to tree...! 5;o) FUN!!!!!!!!!! Also swinging on the vine just like tarzan was funny!!! Actually, there IS Tarzan in one screen!!!!!!

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