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Vacuumania (1984, MSX, PSS) Vacuumania (1984, MSX, PSS)
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    by Honyaku | 8 years ago


    In Vacumania you take the role of a vacuum cleaner (complete with that annoying noise these machines make) and have driven the brooms out of a job. Your job is to clean the floor and keep ahead of those irrated brooms.

    This is a hard and difficult pacman clone that gives you scant time to react. Not a game for beginners but a jewel those who want to play a challenging pacman clone.

    by masaxi | 1 decade ago


    I have fond memories about this game and Lazer Bykes, one day after school, I saw Canon shop in the street next to bus station, and said to pal, "that as Canon produces MSXs, there may be MSX games sold as well as cameras in that shop, let´s go to check it before bus comes", but my pal chickened, and I run to that shop by myself to ask if they have MSX games, and they had! But just two different ones, (one box full of them) VACUUMANIA and LAZER BYKES, both by P.S.S. They were not very expensive, 10 Finnish marks each (bit over 1,5 euros, it was very nice to find out there were so CHEAP MSX games!!!!) but as I didn´t have any money, I said to them I will come back, I had to run back to bus station, and managed to get in the bus just in time! 5:o) When I got back home, I asked for money and went to town centre again with bus, my mother said I could wait to tomorrow and buy games when school is over, but I just couldn´t wait... 5;o) (and since it was 1987, I didn´t have too much MSX games yet, just some...) and so I bought them! And I didn´t manage to get them to load... I had to wait my daddy came back from work to adjust azimuth, (it was new experience to me back then...later I learned how to do that by myself:) and then they worked!!! 5:o)

    Vacuumania is well done and fast pac-man clone!

    I remember it was very distressing expression to me to get chased by brooms!! (I was young) Maybe that´s why I didn´t like this game as much as Pacman on commodore 64. But anyway, it´s a good pac-man game!!!

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